the most powerful generator of structured energy of stable type in the essence of its nominations. Ideal for spiritual and energetic practices and just as a gift!

Who Are We?
The Cube is created by PRACTITIONERS, precisely those people who can read the subtle plan. The Arpharey Community is the author of the original and unique technology for the production of this Cube; information about Arpharey can be found on YouTube, Instagram or a search engine upon request.
About Metatron Cube
The design of this Cube has a unique shape and technology, consists of pure solid copper (no welding or gluing etc.)! It has no analogues in the world for today; not sloppily worked out, it’s a high-precision product, namely a generator of constant reference energies. The Cube is produced by the Arpharey Community, and we are exclusively engaged in spiritual development and energy practices. The company has visionaries on staff, which allows them to read subtle plans at any time. The number of faces and the design of the Metatron Cube itself is simply phenomenal, while it has a MONOLITHIC design, which is not found in any other product of a similar level on planet Earth. The Cube comes with detailed instructions for use.
Positive properties of the cube
Metetron cube increases the energy of a person and space. The generator is based on the principle of rotation of torchion fields of the Universe. increases vital energy and tone, strengthens the immunity of all nearby; increases the shelf life of food 1.5-2 times, they are saturated with energy, improves their quality, cleaned of negative information; water is structured and energy-saturated. Increases the bio-compatibility of dissolved in it medicines, contributes to the reduction of addictions, equalizes biorhythms, improves sleep. Contributes to the creation of a high resource state and positive emotions. Contributes to the creation of a high resource state and positive emotions. transforms negative energy into positive, harmonious for you and your home. improve relationships with loved ones, efficiency and organization. aligned biorhythms, improves sleep. develops sensitivity to energy fields, intuition. Engaging in psychoenergetic practices (qigong, taichi, bioenergetics, reiki, etc.) qualitatively improve. create, through your intention, the right events, meetings and situations, contributing to a favorable coincidence of circumstances and success.

The Metatron Cube is the only figure in which all 5 Platonic bodies are enclosed. Platonic solids are the totality of all regular polyhedra, three-dimensional bodies bounded by equal regular polygons. With all the infinite variety of regular polygons (two-dimensional geometric shapes), there are only five three-dimensional Platonic solids, in accordance with which, since the time of Plato, the five elements of the universe have been put: tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron.

There are different versions of the Cube: copper and gold with different levels of aging; it comes with a designer wooden box. Size 109.7 mm by 109.7 mm. It is comfortable to hold the Cube in your hands due to its size. Shipping to anywhere in the world.
Perfection in detail
Convenient to store, convenient to practice, convenient size and unique design.
Why It?
Deep study of subtle structures prompted to create something amazing.
  • Materials
    It is very important what exactly the cube is made of; materials such as plastic or wire do not give the desired result when working with an artifact. Our cube is made of solid copper! There are no analogues in the world.
  • Practices
    Interaction with this artifact of "Metatron Cube" enhances the effect of meditative, energetic and spiritual practices. The artifact is the strongest dynamic energy generator.
  • Sizes
    The compact size makes the artifact very convenient and mobile in use. You can take it with you anywhere. Size 11 by 11 centimetres.
  • Structure
    The Cube contains all 5 Platonic solids – unique harmonious three-dimensional shapes: Cube, Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Icosahedron, Dodecahedron. These shapes are unique for all their faces, edges and inner corners are equal in size.
  • Action
    It reveals abilities, strengthens the energies of inner power, abundance, lightness, harmony, joy and unconditional love, which has a positive effect on all spheres of life.
  • Keeping
    It has a convenient designer box that protects the cube from external factors. It is made of multilayer plywood of the highest quality, painted with eco-friendly paints. Size 13 by 13 centimetres.

The Metatron cube is a three-dimensional symbol that, according to legend, contains all the forms that exist in the universe. Any other forms consist of those contained in this Metatron symbol.

"The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life"
The “Flower of Life” contains a secret symbol that appears when 13 circles are combined. This is the most important and sacred structure in the Universe, the source of all things - the “Fruit of Life”. It contains 13 information systems. By connecting the centers of 13 circles, we get Metatron Cube.

The design of the cube repeats the description from Drunvalo Melchizedek's book "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life"

By practicing and having such an artifact next to you, you will be able to reach a new level much faster than without it, it's like swimming in hand and if you pick up a manual water motor, you will swim faster, because the speed of rotation of the motor is incomparably higher than that of a human.

The Universe in the Palm of Your Hand
The cube has a transcendent beginning, since it contains in its architecture reference composites of the structures of the Universe itself at the level of Creation.

When entering into energy contact with the Cube, the frequency of the signal of a person's intention or desire increases, the request is transmitted to the information field of the Universe and returns in the form of a modified, adjusted algorithm of current events in your life. The artifact is the strongest dynamic generator of energy, which it throws through itself into our 3D world; this can be used in the practices of the GREAT cosmic shift. By transferring consciousness to the needed level, you will be able to harmoniously rebuild your physical and subtle bodies in accordance with the spirit of the times.

The future depends on the present, what it will be - it’s up to you!

Metatron Cube’s Price

Copper Metatron

The composition of the Metatron cube:
Base, PVC frame 70gr
Copper - 275-320 grams.
We make delivery all over the world. It is possible to pay from any country in the world, through our foreign branch in the state of Kyrgyzstan.

Golden Metatron

The composition of the Metatron Cube:
Base, PVC frame 70 g
The first layer is copper.
The second layer is silver.
The third layer is gold.
Total weight: from 275-320 grams

By practicing and having such an artifact next to you, you will be able to reach a new level much faster than without it, it's like swimming by hand and if you pick up a manual water motor, you will swim faster, because the speed of rotation of the motor is incomparably higher than that of a human.

In general, the Metatron Cube is a symbol of harmony, balance and spiritual enlightenment. It allows us to see the beauty and depth of the world, as well as connect to the highest sources of knowledge and wisdom.

The creator Vadim Rif about the Metatron Cube